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I am a licensed, full-scope midwife with a particular interest in issues of pelvic floor dysfunction. Before referring my own clients, I took Tara's Pelvic Pow-her class as an exercise in due diligence. I found Tara to be exceptionally knowledgeable, supportive, and positive. The brilliant thing about this course is that she shares so many different tools and techniques. She provides a clear framework so that each student can easily figure out which of these will work best and create an effective, individualized home program that will be perpetually useful. With complete confidence, I recommend this course to anyone who needs to address pelvic floor issues. 

- Megan O'Connor, MS, CM, LM, LMT

Cindy Merryman

Tara shared her knowledge of how our pelvic floor supports so much in our bodies. I continued to do some of the exercises at home; to my amazement, it started making a difference. I felt stronger and was having less leakage. It wasn’t long after taking pelvic pow-HER I stopped wearing incontinence pads. I feel like I have my life back, so beautiful that I no longer need to purchase incontinence products. - Cindy Merryman

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