Diastasis Recti? "Fix it" without surgery

What your doctor won't tell you about healing your postpartum core; The 5 steps checklist

In this Diastasis Recti Checklist, you'll discover:

  • The ONE Diastasis Recti Exercise; to tighten your core
  • The Diastasis Recti test and why it's not so important
  • How to repair your diastasis recti with exercises & diet
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What clients have to say...

Hey, I'm Tara. It's great to meet you.  

I help moms recover from pregnancy faster with corrective exercises & natural remedies.  

My experience as a women's herbal educator gets to the root cause of this abdominal separation - your gut health. This means less bloating, back pain, and uterine & pelvic floor discomfort.  

These methods have helped hundreds of mommas tighten the gap!

I can't wait to meet you!