66% of women with DRA have at least one support-related pelvic floor dysfunction, such as Urinary Incontinence, fecal incontinence or Pelvic Organ Prolapse.¹

How to tighten the gap of diastasis recti in 6-weeks

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"The exact 5-step strategy I've used to heal my abdominal separation in 6-weeks"


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  • The secrets of "fixing" diastasis recti safely after each pregnancy so you have less low back pain & pelvic floor discomfort
  • The must-have diastasis recti exercises to prevent surgery
  • How to reduce Diastasis recti bloating to get rid of the “pouch”

Imagine... learning the EXACT exercises to tone your core and improve elimination for years to come

What clients have to say...

“I am a licensed, full-scope midwife with a particular interest in issues of pelvic floor dysfunction. I found Tara to be exceptionally knowledgeable, supportive, and positive. The brilliant thing about this course is that she shares so many different tools and techniques. She provides a clear framework so that each student can easily figure out which of these will work best and create an effective, individualized home program that will be perpetually useful. With complete confidence, I recommend this course to anyone who needs to address pelvic floor issues.”

-Megan O’Connor, MS, CM, LM, LMT

“I have been working with Tara on a few things-post natal core strengthening is the first and she has been incredibly helpful through her online program and tutorials! She’s also created a tincture for my energy levels- very knowledgeable. She’s my magic motherhood trick!” -Jenn Gonyea

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